Shaking Table

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Shaking table is widely used for separating ore particle and slime with size 2-0.02 mm, such as tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, ilmenite, coal and so on.

The sorting process is achieved by shaking the bed surface and the lateral flow together. Bed strips or grooves is vertical, which nearly perpendicular to the direction of flow, flowing horizontal flow is formed vortex in the groove, the joint action of the vortex and the shaking table made the ore layer automatically layering based on their density. Heavy minerals turned lower, light mineral steering upper, this process becomes "segregations layered", Upper light mineral particles is suffered larger flow momentum , while the lower heavy mineral particles is suffered small momentum, so light mineral particles on the bed surface transverse velocity greater than the weight of mineral particles on the bed surface transverse velocity.

1.The movement of high-quality cast iron and NSK bearings mechanical are more durable. 
2. The unique motor is overheating, the temperature out of control will lead to automatic power-off to protect device. 
3. The whole quiet design. 
4. Convenient design, so that the oscillation amplitude adjustment is easy to complete. 
5. Intelligent sound and light alarm environmental scans micro-processing controller. 
6. Encryption lock operating parameters can avoid human errors. 
7. The run parameter memory function can avoid cumbersome operation. 

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Product Model

Model (L-S)type Clean water(t/h) 0.4-0.8
Stroke(mm) 10-30 Table size (mm) 1520*1825*4500
Frequency(time/min) 240-360 Motor(kw) 1.1
Horizontal obliquity(o) 0-8 Capacity(t/h) 0.5-1.2
Sorting size(mm) 2-0.074 Weight (kg) 1012
Feeding thickness(%) 15-30 Dimension(mm) 5454*1825*1242