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  • Tel:+86-18838083651


  • ADDRESS:Building 3, No. 29 Yard, Hanghaixi Road, Zhengzhou, P. R. China


  • Installation & MaintenanceWe supply complete turn-key project, our engineers would love to make installation for your project. Besides, Our in-house experts and engineers are ready for your remedy of troubles all the time. They would be your side whenever you need to check and analysis your problems.

  • Quality WarrantyWe provide after-sales service quality assurance for 12 months, and all non-human quality problems, we give a solution within 3 days.

  • TrainingJiechang has a experienced traing team. According to the differentiated customer’s request, we will arrange comprehensive training program respectively to ensure our customer’s staff can operate our line very well.

  • Spare PartsWe have almost all key parts of our products in stock in urgent case of your spare parts demand. So that we can deliver it within shortest reaction time whenever you need by simple and fast way.