Gypsum Dryer

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Desulfurization Gypsum Dryer is also known as Gypsum Powder Dryer or Carborundum Powder Dryer composed of heat source machinery, transportation machinery, drying machinery, transmission machinery, dust removal machinery, wind system, electronic control equipment and other several parts. Desulfurization gypsum dryer is suitable for producing gypsum building material with different purposes, widely used in building material industry.
Desulfurization gypsum dryer adopts new technology and scientific design, which not only realizes the energy saving,reduces the production costs greatly, but also prolongs the drying time. The materials can reach the best drying condition.

Desulfurization gypsum is fed into inner layer of multi-layer drum by feeding machine, to achieve downstream drying. Desulfurization gypsum is constantly lifted up by lifting boards, and scattered in spiral type to make hot exchange, and then, material will be moved to middle layer of drum for counter current drying, and materials in middle layer of drum will be constantly lifted up by lifting boards. Material can move to the outer drum layer from the middle drum layer, material reached the drying effect will be discharged fast along with hot air, while wet material did not meet the drying effect can’t move quickly due to high weight, so wet material can get adequate drying to reach drying effect thus achieve to complete the drying process.

1. Using chemical gypsum (flue gas desulfurization gypsum etc. ) to stir-fry into β-hemihydrate gypsum powder;
2. The process guarantees the precision control of stir-frying time and temperature requirements of calcined gypsum powder;
3. The outlet of frying machine is designed reasonable, no dust pollution at run time;
4. Banking-up and shutdown when intermittent feeding, the frying machine can put into normal operation again after opening 3 minutes;
5. Use the supporting gas stoves or boiling furnace to heat, and tail gas waste heat can be recovered for utilization (boiling water or heating air).

Product Model

Spec./m(Dia.xLength) Processing Capacity(t/h) Mositure of Inlet Material(%) Mositure of Outlet Material(%) Labour(shift) Main Motor(KW) Heat Value of Fuel Coal(kcal/kg) Inlet air temperature (°C)
Φ1.5x14 4-6 60±5 ≤8 3 15 ≥6000 800±30
Φ1.8x18 6-10 60±5 ≤8 3 18.5 ≥6000 800±30
Φ2.0x20 8-12 60±5 ≤8 4 18.5 ≥6000 800±30
Φ2.2x20 10-15 60±5 ≤8 4 22 ≥6000 800±30
Φ2.4x20 15-20 60±5 ≤8 4 22 ≥6000 800±30